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Introducing track changes in First Draft Pro

Most writers have first-hand experience with the headache of editing a manuscript. Emailing documents back and forth, then trawling through different versions to compare feedback and edits is hardly an inspiring process.

Plus, it usually raises a series of increasingly mind-boggling questions: Which changes have already been made? Who still needs to see this? Is "final.pdf" or "final_FINAL.pdf" the finished version? It's enough to make anyone's head hurt.

But with First Draft Pro, seamless collaboration is the name of the game. Here's how to use the track changes features for a better, more streamlined editing process.

Tracking changes with First Draft Pro

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Make suggestions

Toggle suggestion mode 'on' and 'off' to switch between direct editing of your manuscript, or suggesting changes to text or formatting.

With suggestion mode on, suggested changes will appear as notes on the right-hand side of your manuscript. This is perfect for working with co-authors and editors – or even if you have another idea that you'd like to come back to. When you're ready, accept or reject suggestions by clicking the tick or cross icon.

πŸ“‘ Compare versions

No one likes to kill their darlings, but version control in First Draft Pro makes it easier to commit to changes, safe in the knowledge that your original version is never lost! Editing always involves a bit of rewriting – but being able to track suggestions, and easily roll back to previous versions, allows you to let go and embrace change.

πŸ’¬ Gather feedback in one place

First Draft Pro keeps all your work together. Right from concept to completion, your note taking, writing and editing all happens in the same place. No need for any messy back and forth! It's easy to track changes, make editorial suggestions, and work on your manuscript with others simultaneously.

All step-by-step edits made by you or your collaborators are visible alongside longer, inline comments on your manuscript, making it simple to collate and integrate changes.

Make your manuscript the best it can be

Whether you're working with an editor – or just doing a solo edit of your manuscript – you'll love the track changes features in First Draft Pro. Never forward email attachments around or compare notes across manuscript versions ever again!