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How did we get here?

First Draft Pro is a project born out of our love of stories, and our frustration at the lack of specialized tools empowering writers, co-writers and editors to work together. The majority of writers are still emailing Word documents back and forth in order to collaborate. Yikes.

We’re changing that. Building better tools for the wonderful humans who craft stories is the first step.

Who are we?

We’re a team of story-obsessed writers, developers, and product experts on a quest to make truly collaborative tools for storytellers.

Our team has worked on the following sorts of problems before:

  • How do we get every book within walking distance of every home?
  • How do we make (gorgeous, high quality) children’s books in just 12 hours?
  • How do we give every South African child 100 books, for free?
  • How do we lower the barriers to access for digital educational content in emerging markets (and build a product so good it brings value to the most tech-forward classrooms)?
  • How do we make simple, effective email helpdesks possible using existing collaboration tools (like Trello)?

First Draft Pro was founded by Tarryn-Anne Anderson. It is being built by the team at Codeo_.