First Draft Pro vs Dabble

Dabble writer is a great tool that lets you plot your story and write online. First Draft Pro is a Dabble alternative that takes story-centric writing, and puts collaboration at its heart.

Blocks creating a structured tower

Collaboration first

Collaboration is our core focus. First Draft Pro lets you write together in real-time.

A magnifying glass

Track your changes

Save named versions of your manuscript, see your version history, and manage suggested edits easily.

A browser window

Make notes as you go

Sketch out scene notes, and keep extensive research notes alongside your project.

Compare features

Writing preferences are very personal! Pick tools that suit your process 😊

Apps & Access
Web app
Native app
Google SSO
Add multiple collaborators
Some tiers
Synchronous co-authoring
Some tiers
Shared comments
Share with readers
Writing Tools
Scene shuffle
Wiki-style notes linking
File management
Markdown support
Track changes
Version history
Full version forthcoming
Focus Tools
Focus features
Goal tracking
Projects Supported
Non-fiction & academic
Script writing

Still unsure?

First Draft Pro is designed specifically for collaboration. It’s the best writing app for writers who want to reap all the benefits of working online.

It gives you the power of collaboration, your work is accessible from anywhere, and your text can easily be extracted so that you are always in control.

Collaboration is our first priority. This means that all of our features have collaboration at their heart.

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