Non-fiction Writing Features

Write your next book

Effortlessly simplify research, planning, and content organization for non-fiction projects with a tailored non-fiction writing environment.

An icon of a notebook

Organize your research & writing notes

Simplify your research and writing process by consolidating all your notes in one place.

An icon of a mindmap, representing the planning and brainstorming involved while writing.

Structure your work with outlines

Whether you're a planner or prefer to write as you go, an outline helps you maintain clarity and direction.

An icon of a page of references

Manage references with footnotes

Add credibility to your work and help readers identify sources with clear and concise attribution.

An icon of a dartboard

Stay on track with goals & focus mode

Maximize your writing productivity by staying on track and minimizing distractions.

A woman reviewing notes on her mobile device.
An icon of a cloud with a crescent moon

Write in dark mode

Experience the benefits of working in low-light conditions and reduce eye strain and fatigue with dark mode. It's not just cool, it's practical too.

An icon of a page with a magnifying glass.

Track your changes

Keep track of your progress and review your writing changes as you go to see how your writing is developing and make necessary adjustments.

An icon of a link

Link to notes

Link your notes directly and create a wiki that saves you time and reduces the need to switch between different apps or documents.

An icon of two pages with arrows

Manage versions

Effectively manage and compare different versions of your writing, review your progress, and refine your work accordingly.

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See how First Draft Pro works for other sorts of writing projects

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Immerse yourself in a beautiful, organized writing experience crafted for novelists. Harness intuitive tools and unleash your story brain.

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Teaching writing

Empower your students to excel in creative writing with a comprehensive platform designed to inspire and guide their storytelling journey.

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Academic writing

Elevate your academic writing by streamlining research, writing, and citation processes with specialized academic writing features.