Writing Education Features

Teach creative writing

Empower your students to excel in creative writing with a comprehensive platform designed to inspire and guide their storytelling journey.

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Teach worldbuilding & organization

Consolidate notes in one place to help students stay organized and focused as they create fictional worlds.

An icon of a mindmap, representing the planning and brainstorming involved while writing.

Teach outlining & plot structure

Guide students in developing effective outlines that suit their writing style and story objectives.

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Start strong with structure templates

Encourage students to explore different genres and styles to find the perfect template for their story.

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Stay on track with goals & focus mode

Encourage students to set goals and use focus mode to teach motivation and build soft skills.

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Write in dark mode

Enable students to work in low-light conditions and reduce eye strain and fatigue with dark mode.

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Review & mark-up

Review student's work and make comments and suggested changes to help them improve.

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Link to notes

Show students how to link notes to create an internal wiki, and help them understand productive workflows.

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Manage versions

Help students manage different versions of their writing and understand editorial processes.

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See how First Draft Pro works for other sorts of writing projects

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Immerse yourself in a beautiful, organized writing experience crafted for novelists. Harness intuitive tools and unleash your story brain.

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Non-fiction writers

Effortlessly simplify research, planning, and content organization for non-fiction projects with a tailored non-fiction writing environment.

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Academic writing

Elevate your academic writing by streamlining research, writing, and citation processes with specialized academic writing features.