First Draft Pro vs Google Docs

Google Docs is the gold standard for creating collaborative documents in the cloud. First Draft Pro takes the magic of a collaborative tool, and adds features that help you craft your story.

A browser window

Serve the story

Collaborative tools are crucial for writing together, but First Draft Pro’s story-craft tools give you additional superpowers.

A magnifying glass

Focus on the words

First Draft Pro gives you the tools you need to increase productivity, and write faster – distraction-free.

A robot head

Where you left off

Already working on a draft? Import your existing Google Doc into First Draft Pro and pick up where you left off.

Compare features

Writing preferences are very personal! Pick tools that suit your process 😊

Apps & Access
Web app
Native app
Google SSO
Add multiple collaborators
Synchronous co-authoring
Shared comments
Share with readers
Writing Tools
Scene shuffle
Wiki-style notes linking
File management
Markdown support
Track changes
Version history
Full version forthcoming
Focus Tools
Focus features
Goal tracking
Projects Supported
Non-fiction & academic
Script writing

Still unsure?

Google Docs is an incredible tool for collaborative writing. If you’re currently writing collaboratively, you’re probably using Google Docs to do it. That’s why we’ve integrated Google Docs so deeply into First Draft Pro.

With First Draft Pro you’ll get the benefits of online, cloud-based collaboration, but you’ll also get additional features (like scene shuffle) that help you manage your manuscript more easily.

Plus, you’ll always be able to export to Google Docs. It’s the best of both worlds.

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