Nanowrimo Guide
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The internet's biggest annual challenge to finish your first draft

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We like to think of Nanowrimo as the internet's biggest annual challenge to finish your first draft. And because helping you to complete your first draft is kind of our thing, we want to make sure you get to that finish line!

The great thing about stories is that at their heart, they all mostly follow very similar patterns. There are conventions for structure and pacing and meeting (and then subverting) your reader's expectations. We can use those conventions to turn you into a Nanowrimo superstar.

So, here it is: our Complete Guide to Winning Nanowrimo. We're going to break down the classic three-act story structure across a 50 000 word novel, and give you a clear checklist of what you should be covering each day to write a compelling story and meet that word count goal to unlock Nanowrimo's winner rewards.

We've broken the guide into three sections, one for each act. Because Act 1 and Act 3 are both 25% of the story, you'll spend about a week on each. You'll spend two weeks on Act 2 (the meat of your story).

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If you're working in First Draft Pro, you'll also see the guideline for each day in the app, and we're available on LiveChat or Twitter if you need moral support!

Good luck, Wrimos.