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Introducing goal setting in First Draft Pro

Building a consistent writing habit is one of the most important factors when it comes to writing a book. Big goals – like finishing your novel – take a lot longer to achieve than we’d like. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is by tracking your efforts rather than your outcomes. Maintaining a writing habit and keeping your momentum can often be more important than meeting the goal itself!

Three ways to work with goals in First Draft Pro­

🧮 Set a daily word count

The simplest and most effective way to get motivated – and stay motivated – is to set a daily word count goal. Try to make it achievable, but still enough of a challenge to give you a push. Flexing those typing muscles every day will help you to maintain your motivation in the long run.

Smashing it? We thought you would. Update your word count goal at any time by clicking the “goal” link on the daily word count tracker.

📈 Build a habit – and keep it up

If you’re trying to finish a 100k word manuscript, it’s better to track your daily efforts than get bogged down by how far you still need to go.

Your dashboard shows you a bar chart of how many words you typed each day, and the days on which you hit your daily word count goal. Use it to help you build a routine and get into the habit of writing every day.

Once you’re continuously hitting or exceeding your targets, you won’t want to break the chain!

👀 Review your project progress

Don’t forget to review your writing progress and celebrate how far you’ve come!

  • Set a word count for your project so that you can monitor your overall writing progress, in addition to your daily word count.
  • Check in on your dashboard. Your project cards have a nifty progress bar that gives you a quick, visual snapshot of where you’re at.
  • First Draft Pro even builds in little surprise celebrations for whenever you meet a goal. There’s no excuse not to be proud of yourself! 😉

Achieve your goals with First Draft Pro­

Grow your writing confidence and motivation with goal setting in First Draft Pro. Small steps lead to big results! By breaking down each goal into achievable chunks – and celebrating your successes along the way – you’ll be hitting your writing goals in no time.