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10 Gift Ideas for Writers in 2024

A selection of gifts that would be appropriate for a writer, including First Draft Pro, and other products like stationery, tea, candles, and books about writing.

Finding the perfect gift for the writer in your life can be a delightful yet daunting task. So, we’ve put together a curated list of 10 thoughtful gift ideas for writers.

1. A Subscription to First Draft Pro

Dedicated writing software that’s been designed for storytellers can be a game-changer for any writer. They’ll have access to a powerful online novel writing software, collaborative tools, and more.  Plus it’s so, so pretty (a completely biased, but still accurate, opinion).

Give an annual subscription to First Draft Pro as a gift.

2. A Mechanical Keyboard

For the writer who spends hours typing, a high-quality mechanical keyboard can be a godsend. These keyboards are not only durable but also provide a satisfying tactile experience that can make the writing process more enjoyable. Plus, the variety of customizable options means you can find one that perfectly suits their style and needs. You’ll love the Yunzii keyboards, they’re beautiful.

If the writer in your life already has a mechanical keyboard, a great gift could be a new set of key caps or switches.

3. Cute Stationery

Never underestimate the power of cute stationery to make a writer's day. From quirky notepads to elegant pens, these little joys can spark joy and creativity. They're perfect for jotting down ideas, planning stories, or simply doodling during brainstorming sessions.

If you’re looking for gorgeous pens, some firm favourites are Kaweco, Lamy, and TWSBI.

As far as notebooks and journals go, feast your eyes on Nuuna notebooks, which are almost too pretty to write in (almost!). But Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine are also excellent options.

4. Fancy Headphones

Every writer needs to block out the world now and then. A pair of fancy, noise-cancelling headphones can be the perfect sanctuary for a writer. Whether they're listening to music, ambient sounds, or simply enjoying the silence, these headphones can help create a distraction-free zone for maximum creativity.

My go to headphones are Bose, which are both stylish and high-quality.

5. Books on Writing

Books on writing are more than just instructional; they're a source of inspiration and wisdom. Titles like Stephen King's "On Writing" or Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird" are perennial favourites. Choose books that align with their writing style or interests to show how much you support their craft.

6. A Laptop Bag/Sleeve

For the writer who is always on the go, a durable and stylish laptop bag is essential. Look for bags with comfortable straps, ample space, and protective padding to ensure their precious writing tool (aka their laptop) is safe and sound wherever their inspiration takes them. And, try to find one that suits your writer’s aesthetic.

Some great brands are Tinne + Mia, Wouf, O MY BAG, Cuyana, and Harber London.

7. An Hourglass/Timer

Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give is the gift of focus. An elegant hourglass or a stylish timer can be a perfect desk accessory, offering a physical reminder to take writing breaks or to stay on task during writing sprints.

What’s a writing sprint, you ask? It’s a focused period of time when a writer works on a specific project. It's a simple yet effective tool for managing writing time and avoiding burnout.

If you’re wanting beautiful as well as practical, then you can’t go wrong with Polspotten’s sandglasses (they come in a variety of colours and sizes). The Sandglass Ball S runs for 30 mins, which is perfect for a writing sprint.

But, you may also love these super cute cube timers (which have a variety of different sprint options, and so may be more versatile).

8. An Inspiring Environment/Writing Aesthetic

You can also consider gifts that help to create a serene and inspiring writing environment. A fancy scented candle or a selection of gourmet teas can transform their writing space into a haven of creativity and relaxation. These thoughtful additions not only enhance the ambiance but also serve as a gentle reminder to take a moment for themselves.

Very, very fancy candles: Le Labo Santal 26 is smoky and leathery; Byredo Bibliothèque is paper, peach, plum and vanilla; or there’s Diptyque’s Classic Vanille. The discovery set from Very Good Studio is also a great choice if you don’t want to make a choice!

As far as tea goes, try Supertea (the Chai Krishna is superb).

9. Read Their Book and Post a Review

If the writer in your life has published work, one of the most meaningful gifts you can give is your time and attention. Read their book and leave a thoughtful review on Storygraph, Goodreads, or any/all online bookstore(s).

Or, if their book is open for pre-orders, pre-order it! It makes a huge difference to get pre-orders ahead of a book launch.

This not only shows your support but also helps increase their visibility in the publishing world.

10. A Commissioned Illustration of Their Protagonist

For a truly unique and personal gift, commission an illustration of their protagonist or a key scene from their book. This visual representation of their work can be a source of inspiration and a cherished keepsake that celebrates their creativity.

Great art takes time, so this one needs some advanced planning: To find an artist, try searching the hashtag #characterillustration or #characterdesign on Instagram. Look for an artist whose style you think the writer in your life would love, and reach out to them to request their rates and enquire about open commission slots.

Everyone loves a gift that makes them feel seen. The best gifts for writers are those that acknowledge and celebrate their passion for stories — whether it's through tools that aid their process, something that will inspire their creativity, or gestures that show your support for their work.